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    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Quick Hit

    Got the DSL hooked up, got the wireless going, got the TV on...I'm in electronic media heaven. Normal blogging will now resume, provided I think of something to write about.

    A few thoughts to share:

    We now know that John Karr didn't kill JonBenet Ramsey, thanks to DNA tests. My question is, why the hell did they fly the guy all the way from Thailand to do the test? If he was already in custody, just do the cheek swab in Bangkok, send the sample to the lab in the US, and proceed from there. Of course, if you like media circuses, this was handled to a T.

    I think if you want to commit a murder and get away with it, Boulder would seem a pretty good location. I don't think the next spinoff of Law and Order is gonna be set in Boulder.

    I'm watching what might be Andre Agassi's swan song at the US Open. Arthur Ashe Stadium is filled with raucous New Yorkers rooting for Agassi. After Agassi won the second set, they played the "Hey!" song during the changeover. It got me to thinking about Andrei Pavel, the dude trying to end Agassi's career. He's out there on the court, all by himself, and every single person in the joint wants him to lose. Tonight they had a record crowd, so there's about 24,000 people packed into a very tight space who are sending you all the negative waves they can muster. True, they aren't booing you during points, nor are they pelting you with fruit or coins or 9-volt batteries. Still, you don't have any teammates to back you up. You're out there on your own. It wouldn't be intimidating, exactly. Demoralizing, maybe.

    Steffi Graf is looking pretty damn good, I must say.

    The whole Jamie Gold situation promises to be great theater (or at least great farce) before all is said and done. But it struck me that the last three WSOP champions--Gold, Hachem, Raymer--are all involved in some sort of poker-related litigation. I don't know what this means. I don't know if this means anything. Just seems kinda odd.

    After I moved full-time into the apartment I didn't have cable (until today), so I turned to my massive collection of taped poker shows to provide some pleasing background noise. I think I watched High Stakes Poker about three times through. Fantastic show, very glad to hear that a third season is already in the works. Though if my neighbors can hear my TV through the walls (not likely) they probably think my ad nauseum replays are pretty friggin' odd. Of course, I'm already a bit concerned that living alone and not having much contact so far at all with my neighbors will slowly morph me into a profoundly weird person.

    I just won a $10 SNG, thank you very much. I should've been in the kitchen making myself a late-night snack, but after getting all my money in with pocket nines and finding myself up against KK and AK, I rivered a nine to triple up. Haven't had a suckout like that since...the SNG I won the other night watching the Steeler game at Matt's house. All-in with A-4 against A-8, turned a four. All-in with nines (again) against J-10, he flopped a jack, I turned a nine. Yes, I've missed playing poker. get this widget Please visit Pokernews site for more poker news, poker strategy articles or poker rules.

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