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    Wednesday, December 10, 2003

    Ladies night

    Looking forward to the WPT show tonight, the first new one in an age. Six women players, including Kathy Liebert, Jennifer Harmon, and Annie Duke, the latter two getting a lot of play on ESPN's World Series Coverage (tho Jennifer didn't get to play very long). Curious to see if this is a freeroll for them of if they had to put some of their own money up for the kitty.

    I have all the WPT shows taped, and I guiltily admit that I watch them over and over again. Not intently, I just have it on for the pleasant noise in the background, and I perk up for the occasional hand. I'm re-watching one I don't think I saw more than once, the PartyPoker Cruise tournament. This was the only WPT event with limit Hold'Em, and it was an interesting change of pace. I'd like to see them do that again next year, or have some pot-limit games. Some different tactics involved, be interesting to watch.

    The first one out of this particular tournament was a 21-year-old law student from Saskatchawan named Dan Coupal, who had perhaps the worst showing of all WPT finalists. Kathy Liebert was KO'd on the second hand of the Bicycle Club show, but there she went all-in with AK and got beat by pocket queens. A tough loss, but she took her swing. Coupal got humiliated, but he brought it upon himself. During the show they show a brief bio of each player and have a quick sound bite from the player. Here's what Coupal said:

    "I've taken poker to the next level...there's lots of these pros who aren't well-rounded in their game. I see a lot of mistakes from these so-called excellent pros."

    He wasn't kidding, either, he meant what he said. Obviously they don't study the classics in Canadian law schools, because Coupal obviously never heard of "hubris", the Greek word for overwhelming arrogance and conceit. Coupal starting playing poker after seeing Rounders, which came out in 1998, meaning he's been playing poker for five years. I think the legendary game between Johnny Moss and Nick the Greek lasted that long.

    Coupal showed that he wasn't the Uberrounder by his play against Chip Jett. Coupal had pocket Jacks but didn't raise the pot. He just called, allowing Jett to see the flop for free with his 9-6. Explain that one, Dan. The flop paired Jett's six and he called Coupal's bet. The turn was another six, giving Jett trips, and he checked. Coupal bet $16K, and Jett grabbed two stacks with both hands set out $32K in neat little stacks, as brutal a check-raise as you'll ever see. Coupal visibly shrunk in his seat before throwing away his hand.

    Coupal then lost with a pair of aces when Cowboy Joe Simpkins (winner of the Best Dressed Player Award for the year) turned his pair of queens into quads before the river was even dealt. Coupal only had $5K left and had to put it in for the blind, and he only had 7-5 to match up with Howard Lederer's K-J. The poker gods, angered by Danny's pride, smote him but good. Poker is, if nothing else, a humbling game. Best not to claim that you reinvented the game, else Lady Luck will come looking for you in a bloody-minded mood.

    Time to fold some laundry, feed some cats, and watch a little poker. Maybe even play a little too. get this widget Please visit Pokernews site for more poker news, poker strategy articles or poker rules.

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