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    Saturday, January 17, 2004

    If I had a hammer...

    Congrats to Jason of Stick and Move, who was the first among us to hit with the Hammer. I don't play a big enough game to qualify for the prize, but I thought if I won a $5 pot might prevail on the Grubster to toss me a bone. So I've been playing 2-7 every chance I get--and I'm actually UP for those hands. I think I've had 2-7 six times since the challenge was issued and I won 3 times. Two times I got no action, but on one hand I flopped two pair and had one guy call me on the flop and turn. The pot hit $5--and Party took their $0.50 rake. I bet on the river, and the other guy, despite my screams, folded. So close, so close. But I've actually posted a profit since I started Hammering away, and i'ts added a fun element to the game.

    I don't have anything to offer so far as a financial incentive to the next Hammerer, but how about this--I will make the next winner Ambassador to any country they choose once I'm elected President. Maybe you'll want to be our nation's representative to, say, Aruba? The Bahamas? Maybe you'd like to go to Paris and irritate the French? It's totally up to you! Oh, you say you're not an American citizen and therefore can't become an Ambassador? Hey, I'm gonna be the freakin' PRESIDENT, folks. I can make this happen.

    I made the mistake on Thursday of playing a little after I'd played volleyball and had a few beers. I wasn't drunk, but I was pretty exhausted, but since I was off the next day I figured I'd play a SNG. But I thought that might take too long, so I played my usual $.50-1 game. Mistake. I was too tired, I should've gone to bed, and I dropped $20 in an hour. I only have $60 in my bankroll, so losing a third of it that way hurt like the dickens.

    I came to the table Friday determined to play better, and that's exactly what I did. I've been playing 2 tables, and I have to say that it's dramatically improved my game. Because I'm playing more hands per hour I'm playing much tighter and not making loose calls early or late. I made a quick $35 on Friday, boosting my roll to a much-more comfortable $75, and then I played a bit today and made another $25, getting me a whisker away from $100. I did hit some big hands--I hit trips twice in a row and got paid handsomely, and I made the nut flush when another guy made a straight, and he capped the betting on the river. I did get skunked once when a guy playing 2-7h made the flush on the river, and I swear to God I expected to see HAMMER! pop up on the page. He wasn't even in the blinds, and he called a preflop raise. Oh well, I think he paid me off on a later hand.

    So I'm in much better shape so far as my bankroll goes, and I'm not playing scared anymore. Think I'll play a bit later on, after a quick snack.

    Oh, I'm watching a re-run of the WPT Championship, and am I the only person who thinks Alan Goerhing looks like the Mailman from the comic strip Red Meat? get this widget Please visit Pokernews site for more poker news, poker strategy articles or poker rules.

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