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    Saturday, January 15, 2005

    Sorry, Pauly

    Glad I didn't check my email until the Steelers had commited 3 acts of football seppuku, as Pauly offered a wager on the Jets-Steelers game. Nice to see the Steelers giving up touchdowns galore on ridiculous plays like they did against NE in the title game a few years ago. Think I'll go puke and see if the Steelers can pull out an undeserving win.

    UPDATE: TOUCHDOWN! Now let's have the defense bring the pain and get the ball back.

    UPDATE UPDATE: Never in the history of the NFL has a team deserved less to still be alive. Big Ben has made a season's worth of rookie mistakes in one half. And yet the Steelers still survive. We're all emotionally exhausted. And here we got OT, with no right to be alive.

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Unreal. I'm spent. We all are. What a horrible performance, what terrible play by Roethlisberger, and yet the Steelers somehow survive. I can't believe they won. Not after two horrible picks, a fumble in the red zone, a punt return for a TD, and still they find a way to win. I can't believe it.

    Sorry Pauly, indeed. You must be hurtin, and I empathize. That's how I felt nearly the whole game.

    It's DRINKIN' TIME!!!!

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: It's gonna take some time for the win today to sink in. I should be elated and I'm just beat. It seems impossible that the Steelers won. When the Steelers beat the Browns in 2002, I thought that was as improbable a win as I'd ever seen. Steelers would score and make it close, and the Browns would score and kill our hopes. The Browns had like 3rd and 10, Holcomb throws a perfect pass to Dennis Northcutt, he's open by about 15 yards--and he drops it. He catches the ball and the game's over. He totall honks it. And the Steelers march down the field on their 4th desperation drive of the game and score to win it. That was an unbelieveable win. This was just as improbable. Two missed FG, including one that clangs off the crossbar. After that miss we're all going apeshit, and then Big Ben throws his worst goddam pass of the season and we're in despair again. Ups and downs, ups and downs. Eventually you get worn out. As I am right now. Being a sports fan sucks sometimes. Sometimes its great. Today was a little of one and a lot of the other. Beer, I think, is the solution.

    Can the Steelers win next week? They've got a better shot than the Jets. Don't care who we play, next week is gravy. Maybe its the Steelers turn to be the Team of Destiny.

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE...AHH, THE HELL WITH IT: It occurs to me that after slamming the writers of Rounders for having a character saying that destiny chooses our future I shouldn't be saying that the Steelers might be a team of destiny. I do have a functioning bullshit detector, but after today's game, which had more ups and downs than a $375 lap dance, it wasn't at full power. I don't believe in teams of destiny...until after they win the title they're after.

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