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    Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    Blue Gene

    A bunch of my buddies are heading out to Vegas on Thursday for a bachelor party spree--and I won't be accompanying them. You may find it odd that they're going on a weekend when a swarm of NASCAR fans will be infesting the place, but they plan on going to the race. Maybe two. Maybe three. This may seem a travesty to some, but it should cut down somewhat on the debauchery. Which...well, I guess that can be a good thing. In theory.

    Nor will I be attending the blogger get-together in June, alas. Unless something weird happens, and, to paraphrase what I said to one of the Vegas-bound crew last night, when weird things happen to me, they're usually BAD weird things. I am reminded of the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times". The times around here are dull and depressing, which may be just as well. I will, I WILL, get out there for a blogger fandango sometime, this I pledge.

    I did have something to write about, but now I forget. Ah, yes, the blogger tournament on Sunday. I wasn't planning on playing, because I wanted to build up my roll a bit before depositing into Full Tilt and picking up that juicy 100% bonus. But the way things are going I might NOT build it up, so I decided what the hell, I'll just double my money and hope I have better luck clearing bonuses there than at Party. And as I heard its easier working a chain gang than clearing a bonus at FT, maybe its just as well I don't set myself up for a thousand-mile march.

    So we're playing HORSE. Let me see...that's Hold-Em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and...Eight or Better? Did I get them all? I've played maybe 100 hands of Omaha, maybe 10 of Stud...I've seen the WSOP Razz tournament a few times. Methinks my VP$IP% is going to be down around 1.2%. 1.5% if I drink during the game.

    I find it telling that Felicia came up with this bright idea, and she must be well-pleased that everyone so enthusiastically jumped on board. One often sees lambs led to the slaughter, but rarely to the lambs cooperate to the point of stopping at the grocery store for rosemary and mint jelly then popping into the kitchen to pre-heat the oven.

    Got a letter the other day from Pacific Poker, informing me that, as a valued player, they'd deposited $10 into my account. I'd deleted their software from my computer, was it really worth reloading it for $10? Hey, have you seen my bankroll? What the hell? My computer ingested the code without vomiting and I found my password buried in an old email and hopped on board.

    I think I took third in the tournament we held at Pacific...or maybe second. This was back before the blogger explosion when I actually held my own in these things. Anyway, it looks exactly the same. Unfortunately. And equally unfortunate is the fact that the connection breaks about every other hand. I was dealt KK, tried to raise, and had the damn thing lock me up. By the time time I got back five hands had gone by, including the auto-fold of my cowboys. That's lovely. Then you get that "HONK!!!" in your ear when you're 13 picoseconds late deciding what to do.

    I did hit a few cards and came very close to doubling my money, and my intention was to cash out and use those funds to buy Iggy and Hank's book. But I fell a few pennies short (literally) so I'll try again tonight. Also have to shuffle funds from Stars to FT. Hey...I should auction off my intital deposit to the highest bidding Full Tilt affiliate! There's a whorish idea!

    One final note. Hans Bethe, the Nobel-winning physicist I mentioned a few posts ago, died yesterday at the age of 98. Odd that I think about a book I read about him for the first time in years, and a few days later he passes away. I believe he won his Nobel for figuring exactly how out stars turn hydrogen into helium. That'd be a nice thing to put on a resume, "I DISCOVERED HOW STARS WORK". He was a titan, and, alas, he's gone. get this widget Please visit Pokernews site for more poker news, poker strategy articles or poker rules.

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