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    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Hard to Beat the Refs Too

    Penn State "lost" to Michigan today, after the refs screwed the Lions yet again. In 2002 the refs called Tony Johnson out of bounds as PSU drove for the winning field goal even though Johnson had BOTH feet in. Today, Michigan scored a phantom touchdown with 1 second on the clock. Why do I saw "phantom"? Because, with 28 seconds left, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr complained to the refs that a time out wasn't called in time, and the refs gifted him with 2 extra seconds. No replay review, no checking upstairs with the official timekeeper. Hey, here's two extra seconds. If Michigan doesn't get those two extra seconds, Penn State wins. We TiVo'ed the game, went back and watched the play in question. You hear the whistles blow at 28 seconds. So, hey, why not tack two more on, just for the hell of it.

    A total fucking joke. On the play before Michigan reciever Justin Avant stepped out of bounds after catching the ball--no replay review. Total fucking joke. Hard to win a game when the refs arbitrarily decides to give your opponent extra time, extra room on the sidelines. I won't even mention three separate occasions when the refs spotted the ball a whole yard in Michigan's direction. On the one the ref marks the spot, walks toward the middle of the field on a diagonal, and ends up a foot past the first-down marker. Penn State had to play a hell of a game just to hang in against officiating like that.

    Not that I'm into conspiracies, but when you're a Penn Stater, and see how our team has been fucked over the years (undefeated team in 1994 getting screwed, exhibit A) you get a bit touchy. Total. Fucking. Jopke.

    UPDATE: The fumble by Henne was just that--a fumble. The ball was loose as soon as Zemeitis hit him, and the scoop completed by the time he hit the ground. I forgot to mention the fumble by Hart, recovered by Penn State, which was missed by the ref standing right on top of it.

    I know that bad calls happen and whatnot, but when you lose a game on the last play of the game, with one second to go, and the refs gave the other team two free seconds for no reason, well, I'm gonna get pissed.

    My mood hasn't been improved by the two brutal beats I just took on the river, both to lose massive multiway pots. Guy calls 3 bets with 6-2 (but sooted) and makes his flush on the river (I flopped a set of deuces out of the big blind), and then my aces get cracked by a guy who makes two pair with K-6 with the turn of the final card. Win those two pots and I would've about doubled my bankroll on two hands. Ah, poker.

    I just chopped pots on two consecutive hands, when me and another player held the exact same hand. A bit odd. And Party now has "beginners" tables, where, obviously, only beginners can play. I don't qualify. Talk about some crazy action, sheesh, I watched three pots in a row get capped three- or four-way, and I saw hands like K-3 and Q-8 turned over at the showdown. Hey, you kids aren't beginners, come on, sit down and play!

    Sigh, it's really not my night/weekend. Just lost a pot to a guy who limped with AK and didn't re-raise me when I bumped it with AQ, an ace on the turn, and I paid him off. I've lost with aces, AQ twice, a flopped set of deuces...yup, I feel like a poker player again. get this widget Please visit Pokernews site for more poker news, poker strategy articles or poker rules.

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