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    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Whipping My Game Into Shape

    Played a (very) little SNG last night, and managed to bluff off my chips and finish 8th. You'd think that I'd be a bit more careful while playing against a collection of remorseless calling stations. So would I, actually. It's a bit frustrating sitting down to play against opponents who don't have a clue...until you realize that you're one of them too.

    If I'm to have any chance of winning Poker Stars' Online Blogger Poker Championship I really need to get my game in order. have any chance of winning I have to go on a major kidnapping and terror spree. If certain bloggers suddenly go offline don't panic, and certainly don't start checking the bushes by your house or underneath your car. It's nothing, just go about your day.

    One player I've effectively neutralized is Matt Matros, by picking up a copy of his book (at the library, sorry, Matt) the other day. Once I've read and absorbed the info within the pages I'm confident I'll be able to lead him around the table as if on a leash. I'll re-read my copy of the PokerTracker guide to gain insight into Hank and Iggy's mindset. I know, the book isn't about poker, per se, but with the right sort of eyes you can gain devastating insight into their play. Really. If only Double As was done with his book, I'd already be clearing space on my desk for one of those kickin' monitors.

    Ah, is there any delusion sweeter than self-delusion? No, of course there isn't, I say that to that handsome devil I see every morning in the mirror. I have no chance to win this thing. I have no chance to make the top ten. The top 50. Well, my computer could freeze up, and if it takes me an extra-long time to get back online that might nudge me out of the bottom 100. Still, it should be a good time. I think I will play drunk.

    Just some random stuff: I got a hit today when someone Googled "crystal meth slut wife sex story inhibitions". Here's what interests me--the word "inhibitions" at the end. Exactly what sort of "inhibitions" would a "crystal meth slut wife" have? She doesn't do windows?

    A poison ivy update--it's been a month since I messed with a plant with whom I should not have messed, and I'm STILL not 100% yet. I still have broad swathes of red (though not inflamed or itchy) skin over parts of my body that are not normally red. My wrists and the insides of my forearms are finally healing over (playing volleyball has kept them nice and irritated) and my eye and face look, sadly, normal. Tho I still have occasional craving to itch until I'm in a near-orgasmic fugue state. And the vine continues to strike--I borrowed a big jug of RoundUp from my dad to nuke it but good, and on the way home the jug tipped over and leaked all over my trunk. Ever smell RoundUp? It smells bad. And it lingers like...poison ivy. My car smells like a mobile WMD lab. Febreeze? Ha. HA! So me and Mr. Ivy are gonna have a final reckoning tonight. Vengeance is a dish best served cold, but even though we're in the midst of a brutal Indian Summer, I have a big appetite. get this widget Please visit Pokernews site for more poker news, poker strategy articles or poker rules.

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